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8 Accomplished Women Praise Unveiled Beauty




8 Accomplished Women Praise
Unveiled Beauty

Lisa Harris ~ September 2, 2016

A little over two months ago, eight different women sat in their respective corners of the country leading eight exceptionally successful, yet diverse professional lives—each woman utilizing her unique talents, sharing her personality and making an impact on the world. It’s also safe to say that most of these women never expected their names to be sitting in quiet company with each other. Individually, they each possess their own success stories and personal journeys. However, together, they are a powerful force. Collectively, they embody the intelligence, strength, and beauty of so many women. Today, they join together to offer their praise for the forthcoming poetry book titled, Unveiled Beauty: Handwritten Letters from a Poetic Heart.

8 Women. 8 Careers. 8 Perspectives. 8 Hearts. 8 Lives.

~  A national award-winning journalist and TV host
~  A director at a world-class university and lawyer
~  A CEO and active community leader
~  A celebrity chef and award-winning cookbook author
~  A senior editor and radio host
~  A lifestyle expert and published author
~  A psychotherapist and writer
~  A design business consultant and former Fortune 500 executive

These women represent the best of the best of what women can achieve. More importantly, they value and recognize the significance of supporting other fellow women in their personal and professional pursuits. We are honored and humbled by their praise. Here’s what a couple of them have to say about Unveiled Beauty:

Contessa Brewer, a national award-winning journalist and TV host wrote, “Women from different cultures and walks of life all will find a story, an image, a truth that speaks to them. Lisa Harris offers a little something for everyone in Unveiled Beauty and does so with clarity, honesty, and of course, beauty.”

Meanwhile, celebrity chef and award-winning cookbook author, Katie Chin said, “Poetry juxtaposed with beautiful photographic images elevates Unveiled Beauty from a poetry book to a poetic odyssey. Lisa Harris invites you to tap into your innermost self with poems that send chills down your spine, tears to your eyes, and happiness in your heart.”

Before its release, Unveiled Beauty has already unified an array of women. Along with the reviews above, Lisa Castro Gutzmer, Allison Kaplan, Dorri McWhorter, Jasmine Brett Stringer, Susanne Sung and Valerie Hildebrandt Wulf, have also graciously shared their thoughts and praise for the book.


As I set-out on a journey to publish Unveiled Beauty, over three years ago, it was the women I knew and the women I was soon to meet who would become my constant inspiration. Women like these women not only inspire me, but they are also my audience and at some point in life, they may have shared the same emotions as the women in my poetry. On the surface, they appear to be widely different, but beneath the layers they are more similar than one might think. Today, specifically, they share one thing in common and that is their belief in Unveiled Beauty as a universal story, a truth, and a beautiful work of art.

To hear what the rest of these women have to say about Unveiled Beauty, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We will be highlighting each woman and sharing her review every day starting this weekend and throughout next week.

For more information about Unveiled Beauty (Release Date: September 30, 2016), check out our website: www.fashionmeetspoetry.com

*Lisa Harris is the founder, poet, and creative director for Fashion Meets Poetry, LLC and author of Unveiled Beauty. With over 18 years in corporate America defining strategic direction, guiding product development, and leading marketing initiatives for Fortune 500 companies, Lisa now aims to inspire and heal women through her poetry. She also hopes to share her knowledge to bridge the gap between business and the arts.

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