Lisa Harris & Company

Company Bio

Lisa Harris & Company is a personal development company that connects, guides and transforms women’s lives through the power of storytelling. Our goal is to provide tools and experiences for growth-oriented women to lead empowered lives by shifting their narratives, giving voice to their stories, and building authentic connections. Our business offers narrative coaching programs, inspirational events, storytelling leadership training, plus community and creative projects that touch the hearts of women everywhere.

Our Story

Launched in 2016, Lisa Harris & Co. has produced over twenty live Unveiled Beauty events where women are empowered to share their stories on the Unveiled Beauty stage. We have welcomed more than 3,500 people to our community events in 5 years. Our social reach and potential impact is limitless as we continue to strategically build the brand, grow the business and align with strong partners.

In 2020, Lisa Harris & Co. experienced further growth by launching online events for women to comfort and share during these challenging times. The expansion online has opened up the country. Future growth includes guiding more women through the Unveiled Beauty courses and programs, launching a Storytelling Leadership program, expanding the Unveiled Beauty storytelling events and further developing a merchandise line.

- Lisa Harris & Company-