The Intersection Of
Beauty and Bravery

CREATING spaceS where 
artistry and vulnerability hold hands



Fashion Meets Poetry is a creative division of Lisa Harris and Co. bringing stories to life through multiple art forms as a way of speaking our truth and embracing artistic expression. From fashion shows to artistic performances, we value the importance of creativity and we encourage women to tap into their creative potential.

Poetry In Motion

In 2016, Lisa boldly stepped into her bravery and brought her poetry into the world. Since then, she has used poetry and storytelling to help women. Poetry continues to be a driving creative force behind this platform and Lisa continues to find new and artistic ways to collaborate with designers, artists, organizations to bring poetry to the forefront and be used as a creative outlet for women to express themselves.

Fashion Shows

Originating from the official book launch of Unveiled Beauty Handwritten Stories From a Poetic Heart, our fashion shows have been a highlight in the Twin Cities. An original concept which combines storytelling, poetry and fashion. Lisa’s fashion show productions take the audience on a magical journey of love, darkness and hope as we unveil stories, honor women and view custom couture. Everyday women grace the runway to showcase custom-designed looks created by local designers and inspired by the Unveiled Beauty book. 

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