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A Visionary. A Storyteller.
A Narrative Coach.


Lisa Harris

The Visionary

With compassion and creative talents, Lisa has taken over eighteen years of corporate experience to design a platform specifically for women. In 2016, after publishing Unveiled Beauty: Handwritten Stories From a Poetic Heart, Lisa had a vision that grew from her lonely, poetic heart. She dreamt of a space where women wouldn’t feel so alone. A space where women stopped judging and opened their hearts. A space that thrived on inclusivity and diversity, not elitism. A space where we built bridges and heart connections. Lisa dreamt of a space where women could share their stories, be themselves, heal themselves, thrive and inspire others. 

Today, Lisa does more than provide a safe space for women to share their stories. She is a narrative coach that guides women on their personal growth and healing journeys. As a public speaker, expert panelist, and regularly featured podcast guest, Lisa discusses the power of storytelling and narratives for both personal and professional development and engages in courageous conversations about diversity as a multi-racial woman in America.   

- Lisa Harris -

The Storyteller

I declare myself neither a writer nor a poet
Like my Native ancestors, sitting around a fire
Beyond the smoke filled air… I appear
Holding hands with a cast of characters
Re-enacting their story, re-imagining their pain
As the moonlight opens its arms,
A brave new warrior surfaces
I am more than a writer, more than a poet
I speak in your native tongue
Revealing the secrets of your heart
I am … a storyteller

- Lisa Harris -

Lisa is a masterful storyteller and courageous leader who shares her lived experiences through social media, events, public appearances, and one-on-one conversations.

  • Narrative Coach
  • Storyteller and Poet
  • Moderator and Expert Panelist
  • Public Speaker
  • Writing Mentor 
  • Creative Collaborator
  • Career Mentor

The Woman

Diversity and inclusivity are at the core of Lisa’s existence.

As a multi-racial woman, raised by an immigrant mother from the Philippines and a white father with Native American roots, Lisa’s lived experience and perspective is multi-layered. She discovered at any early age that she never quite fit in anywhere, yet she was home everywhere. 

From race to growing up in a predominately white, rural Midwestern town to being a first-generation college graduate to managing over $250M at the height of her corporate career to publishing a book and founding her own business, Lisa seamlessly walks with a foot in many different worlds and believes our stories are what heals and connects us.

Lisa is a mother, wife, sister and friend whose living her purpose. Personally and professionally, Lisa values authenticity, vulnerability, and connection in her pursuit to build bridges and spread love through the lens of our stories.


- Lisa Harris -

What Women Are Saying...

“Lisa speaks from a place of vulnerability and authenticity. Her personal story and poetic moments provide a long lasting impact on the audience and her message motivates others to recognize their own bravery.  Lisa reminds us that bravery is acknowledging our fear, but not letting it stop us.”


“Confidence and compassion.  Strength and recognition.  Lisa Harris crafts introspective journeys and challenges conventional thought through lyrical storytelling.” 


“Lisa’s ability to engage her audience in a one-of-a-kind way is absolutely empowering. I’ve never witnessed so many women feel validated, appreciated, and loved collectively as I have when Lisa speaks her truth and allows such a precious and unique platform for women of all walks of life to share their stories and their truth.”  


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